Site Security

Rombit's Dynamic Access integrates with your existing systems and only allows access to the right people to the right location for the right job at the right time.

Your challenge

Physical security in a port ecosystem is very challenging. Large open sites spread over multiple square miles, with multiple facilities, infrastructure and mobile assets that need to be managed. How do you ensure that only the right people with proper authorization and clearance gain entrance to restricted areas, at the right time, without impeding a smooth operational flow?

Our solution

Rombit’s security solutions provides you an array of smart technologies that you can adopt to improve security within the specifics of the port ecosystem: gate entry systems and access control with pre-registration and authorisation solutions for employees, truck drivers and visitors, onsite geofencing and perimeter security, CCTV and intrusion detection with advanced video analytics.


Make access rights for staff, suppliers and logistics partners as dynamic as your operations.

Secure operations

Extend your existing security systems with new smart data feeds and manage it all from one central platform in real-time.

Dynamic access

Linked to our dynamic scheduling solution, you only allow the right person to the right location for the right job at the right time.

Optimise the flow

Central worker management platform, with pre-registration modules for staff, suppliers or transport partners.

Less is more

Extended with our Romware connected worker solution, you get more security with less barriers.

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